Blizzard has rolled out a new update for the Public Test Realm (PTR), bringing with it nerfs to Hanzo, Reaper, Orisa, Sigma, and Baptiste, as well as a surprising buff to McCree.

Starting with the DPS nerfs, Hanzo’s Storm Arrows have been reduced in damage from 70 to 60, while Reaper’s self-heal has been reduced from 40% of damage done to 30%.

Orisa and Sigma have both been heavily nerfed, with almost every part of their kits targeted.

For Orisa, her primary fire damage has been reduced, her Fortify cooldown has been increased from 8 to 10 seconds, and the snare duration on her Halt has been decreased from one second to just 0.65 second.

As for Sigma, his primary fire range has been reduced, his Accretion damage has been nerfed from 60 to 40, and his Gravitic Flux ult can now be interrupted before enemies fall. The slow duration on landing has also been nerfed from 0.9 second to 0.6 second.

As for Baptiste, his left-click now fires slower, making him deal less damage, and the radius on his right-click heal is also smaller, making it less effective at AoE healing.

McCree was the only hero to receive significant buffs in the patch. His health has been increased to 250hp, and firing his Deadeye ult will no longer lock the player’s aim, giving players more freedom to look around while firing.

However, to compensate for his new increased survivability, his primary fire speed has also been reverted back to its 0.5-second launch state. This undoes the fire speed buff he received last June.

McCree’s health buff may not sound that significant, but it does make him a lot tankier. On the PTR:

  • Pharah now requires two direct rocket hits and a splash to kill him.
  • Genji needs three Dragonblade slashes to kill him.
  • Tracer can no longer reliably one clip him.

You can read the full patch notes here.

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