After UNO, Flappy Bird, and amassing a Reinhardt army, the next creative game mode to come out of Overwatch Workshop is this fun Mario Party mod.

This custom gameplay mode, which can be accessed via the code, 1XSGZ, is called “Torbjö Party” as it features, well, Torbjörn as the main character.

Like Mario Party, four players will compete with each other in various mini-games to collect stars. Players will have to roll the dice to move their “Torbjörn pieces” around the playboard and play the mini-games set on the specific locations that their pieces land on.

Pop-up instructions appear to keep players up to speed on how each mini-game works.

The creators shared more of their insights on creating the mod in this Reddit post. To see more of how it works, watch the trailer below.

Overwatch players can visit here to get the latest news and updates about this mod.

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