EVOS SG and Geek Fam continue to pull ahead in the standings as both teams went 2-0 this week.

Meanwhile Todak, Team Bosskurr and Siren Clan finally found their first match win as we reach the halfway mark of season five.

Week 3 results

  • Geek Fam 2 – 0 Axis Esports
  • Siren Clan 2 – 0 Notorious Villains
  • Team SMG 0 – 2 EVOS Esports
  • Team Bosskurr 1 – 2 Todak
  • Siren Clan 0 – 2 EVOS SG
  • Orange Esports Reborn 2 – 0 Notorious Villains
  • Team Bosskurr 2 – 1 Axis Esports
  • Geek Fam 2 – 0 Team SMG

Match of the Week: Team Bosskurr vs Axis Esports

Dropping to Todak the day before, Team Bosskurr were determined to find their first win. In game one, they took a risk by drafting Wan Wan and Chang’e, a hero we have not seen in the meta.

Knowing that they had the upper hand at level one, the entire Axis Esports team invaded Team Bosskurr’s blue. They stole the buff, killed two in the process and snowballed the game from there.

Axis Esports continued pressuring Bosskurr’s jungle, stealing buffs and finding picks that translated into towers. Maintaining their gold lead, they closed out game one swiftly in less than 12 minutes.

Team Bosskurr looked unfazed going into game two. They managed to get their hands on Pharsa and Grock on red side, two very strong picks in this meta that were not banned.

Syno on his trademark hero, Chou, put on an exceptional performance. He constantly pressured the offlane Uranas, and out-skilled opponents in skirmishes.

Together, Team Bosskurr found the picks they needed as Axis Esports mis-positioned, got caught out and looked like a different squad compared to game one.

In a tense game three, both teams swung back and forth, with neither able to get the upper hand.

Axis Esports opened with mid lane priority, and secured both Lithowanderers. They continued exerting pressure, killing Rush Makarov’s Pharasa and Logan’s Baxia in the process, and eventually downed mid tower to open up the map.

It was only at the six-minute mark that Syno’s Chou once again styled on his opponents, giving Team Bosskurr the fight they needed to even up the gold. Their gameplay was not clean however, as they continued to score but also give up kills.

In the last turnaround fight, Team Bosskurr fought Axis Esports at Lord, stole it, killed three and pushed in for the well-deserved match win.


1. Geek Fam (5-0)
2. EVOS SG (4-1)
3. Resurgence (3-0)
4. Team SMG (3-2)
5. Axis Esports (2-3)
6. Orange Esports Reborn (2-3)
7. Team Bosskurr (1-3)
8. Todak (1-3)
9. Notorious Villains (1-4)
10. Siren Clan (1-4)

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