The MPL Invitational has concluded the fourth day of qualifiers, with Onic Esports rising above the competition as the final victors of the group stage. Despite going against fellow MPL ID team Aurafire, Onic completely dominated them in a 2-0 sweep, finishing their time in the group stage with a perfect run.


  1. Onic Esports (3-0)
  2. Aurafire (2-1)
  3. Todak (1-2)
  4. Team SMG (0-3)

Onic Esports was an offensive force in their last series against Aurafire, prioritizing team clashes to gain the gold lead. With the team essentially handing kills to CW, the hard carry eventually got 12 kills and ushered in an 11-minute game two victory.

Despite Aurafire having a clean Tempest of Blades combo to take out Rasy, Onic’s Antimage quickly cleaned up with two more kills on their defending opponents. With Drian getting the final kill for the complete base wipeout, the rest of Onic destroyed the Base Inhibitor to complete the series and group stage sweep.

With this beautiful finish, Onic Esports secures a spot in the lower bracket of the MPL Invitational playoffs, facing off against the winner of group B.

The MPL Invitational Qualifiers continue today with EVOS SG, Notorious Villains, Team Bosskurr, and Alter Ego Esports fighting it out for the top spot in group B. You can catch the action on the official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang YouTube channel.

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