The Mobile Legends Professional League Invitational: 4 Nation Cup has completed its second day of qualifier matches, gathering teams from Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia onto the same battlefield. Winning their lone games of the day, Alter Ego and EVOS SG are currently matched evenly on the leaderboard while Team Bosskurr follows, splitting their two scheduled games.


  1. Alter Ego Esports (1-0)
  2. EVOS SG (1-0)
  3. Team Bosskurr (1-1)
  4. Notorious Villains (0-2)

EVOS SG started their day with a solid 2-0 sweep against Team Bosskurr. Though Bosskurr fought as worthy opponents to the all-star team, EVOS SG’s incredible map dominance proved to be too difficult to counter.

With Pokemon solo-killing Lord for the midlane push, EVOS committed to an all-out team clash inside the base, killing all but one Bosskurr member and destroying the base inhibitor.

Alter Ego echoed the same efforts in their match against Notorious Villains, taking two back-to-back wins. AE’s star player, Celiboy, shouldered most of the team’s success with his Ling, claiming eight kills and four assists.

Though Celiboy opted for a risky Tempest of Blades play and fell victim to Xian’s burning damage, the rest of AE quickly closed the series out with a few more in-base kills and a rush on the base inhibitor.

The two teams currently lead with 1 point each on the leaderboard, giving them a substantial advantage in the second set of qualifying matches next week.

Day 3 of qualifiers continues today, with Bigetron Alpha, Siren Clan, Geek Fam ID, and Genflix Aerowolf battling it out in a round-robin format. You can catch the action on the official MLBB YouTube channel.

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