Thai MLBB team, IDNS, conquered the ONE Esports Mobile Legends Invitational Thailand & Laos qualifier, defeating Gen X 100sopz, 3-1, in the grand final.

While Gen X grabbed an early lead with the game one win, IDNS charged through the next three games with decisive team fights and Lord acquisitions to reverse sweep the team from Laos.

Game one

Game one saw Gen X gradually take control of the game through a methodical and cautious approach. The team kept pressure on IDNS by pushing the lanes at every chance and grabbed a few kills to maintain a steady gold lead

While IDNS were still trying to assess Gen X’s gameplan, Gen X went full force down the midlane with Piterx2 getting an easy triple-kill. With IDNS’ reeling, Gen X swiftly took both the mid and top towers and destroyed the base inhibitor for the game one win.

Game two

With a better understanding of Gen X’s gameplay, IDNS turned things around in game two, dominating the battlefield from the start. Picking up kills all across the map, H4ck, Framezy, and two other IDNS members ambushed half of Gen X in the jungle, taking down Tattoo and Hurn.

With IDNS’ seven kill-lead, Gen X had no other option but to stand under their turrets. While it proved effective for Tattoo to initiate Ejector set-ups for a few kills, Gen X were behind on kills, gold, and tower breakdowns, and were unable to get themselves back into the game.

With Lord secured and heading straight for Gen X’s base, the Laos team had to focus it down to stay in the game. But with Gen X occupied, IDNS used the distraction to destroy Gen X’s remaining towers, and then swiftly marched into Gen X’s base to secure the game two win.

Game three

IDNS kept up their momentum in game three by getting a quick kill lead. Barely a minute into the game, Loys and MzyMink each scored a kill from a brief invasion into Gen X’s jungle.

Although IDNS had the lead in kills, Gen X was making progress through split-pushing the sidelanes. To stop Genx from continuing their tactics, Gen X opted for a deep dive into the first mid-tower. While Ember fell to Hurn’s throwdown, the rest of IDNS immediately cleaned up, taking out four of Gen X and destroying the first mid-tower.

Similar to game two, IDNS secured Lord and opted for another strong split-push at Gen X’s base gates. With Lord and MzyMink pressuring the toplane, the rest of IDNS rushed the bot tower and swarmed the inhibitor for the win.

Game four

With only one game to go, IDNS prioritized bigger team fights to gain the overall advantage. With Hurn and Ling on their team, IDNS could initiate some big clashes with just their ults.

IDNS eventually got ahead with an unbelievable clash around the 11-minute mark. Though MzyMink did his best to kite Gen X into the bot lane, Ember quickly came through to round them up, giving Framezy’s Seth the perfect opportunity to unleash Tempest of Blades and snag a double kill.

With a lightning-fast breakdown of the last top and mid towers after the clinical clash, IDNS rushed Lord for the winning edge. As Lord marched into Gen X’s base and distracted the enemy team, Framezy snuck behind the last line of defense and chipped away the inhibitor to secure the series win.

With the qualifier victory, IDNS has now qualified for the ONE Esports Mobile Legends Invitational, which will see 12 of the best teams in the world battle it out for a US$150,000 prize pool.

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