The Grand Finals of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s M1 World Championship was truly one for the books, as Indonesian powerhouses EVOS Legends and Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) put on a stellar display of strategy, resilience, and mastery of the popular MOBA title.

Here are the best plays from the grand finals:

Game one

The first game fittingly gave everyone a taste of what was to come in this series with a competitive, back-and-forth affair that kept everyone watching at the edge of their seats.

This highlight shows just how tightly contested game one was. EVOS, in control for most of the game, tried to push hard toward the RRQ base at the 20-minute mark. But RRQ fended off the aggressive rally behind the massive damage being dealt by TUTURUU’s Granger.

RRQ began to steal the momentum from the EVOS side with this team fight, getting three kills by using the map to corner EVOS players.

Around 32 minutes, RRQ began their final charge by taking down EVOS’ defensive anchor Donkey, cornering his Grock and sparking an intense four-kill attack that left EVOS severely shorthanded to defend their base.

Game two

EVOS turned game two into an instant revenge campaign, using an aggressive strategy from the get go. Their dominance in the 14-minute match was in full display eight minutes into the game, when EVOS initiated a team fight that resulted in a devastating Mega Kill.

Midway through the 10th minute, EVOS advanced toward the RRQ base, sparking an intense team fight with a lord in tow. RRQ survived the ordeal, but lost all their inhibitor turrets by that point.

With RRQ attempting to push lanes, EVOS pulled off the perfect ambush and started picking off their enemy one by one to even the series at one game apiece.

Game three

The third match started with both teams trading blows. Here’s an exciting team fight that EVOS initiated as RRQ was trying to secure the turtle. RRQ showcased tough defense to turn back the EVOS charge.

RRQ went on the offensive at the 13th minute, charging at EVOS’ turrets. But EVOS held the fort behind Wannn’s Lylia, effectively shutting down RRQ.

With EVOS’ mid lane exposed, RRQ pounced for the final advance, wiping out the enemy and destroying the base for a 2-1 series lead.

Game four

An exciting start to game four saw EVOS’ Oura using X.Borg to deal a double kill over RRQ, while RRQ quickly responded to take down Wannn’s Lylia in the same fight.

Right after RRQ successfully killed a lord, the EVOS squad jumped in to start a team fight. Wannn’s Lylia led the charge, getting a quick triple kill that diminished the RRQ offensive.

RRQ pushed for another aggressive attack toward the EVOS base around the 15-minute mark. EVOS put up a strong front, but RRQ was too much to handle, with XINN’s Harith and Lemon’s Chang’e dealing plenty of damage.

RRQ rallied to a 3-1 series lead at the 17-minute mark, simply overpowering the EVOS side.

Game five

EVOS took on a more aggressive approach in game five as they fought for survival in the series. Here’s where their charge started:

A team fight erupted around the 10-minute mark, with Wannn’s Harith pulling off a double kill. EVOS cemented their control of the game at this point, gaining a lord in the process, as well.

Attacking via the top lane, EVOS forced a game six in dominating fashion.

Game six

In game six, RRQ tried to seize the early game advantage with XINN’s Masha drawing first blood on Donkey’s Kaja. Oura’s X.Borg quickly responded with a kill of his own for EVOS, downing Liam’s Grock.

Around 11 minutes in, EVOS began to assert themselves with an attack led by Wannn’s Chang’e and Oura’s X.Borg. 

Sparking a team fight approaching the 15-minute mark, EVOS decimated the RRQ defense and easily rampaged their way for the series-tying win.

Game seven

In the deciding game, EVOS raced ahead with their aggressive play, earning a lead in kills and objectives even as RRQ continued to hold their ground.

RRQ’s brave stand would not last long however, as EVOS’ combination of Wannn’s Lunox and Donkey’s Kaja led an incredible offensive charge that crumbled the RRQ defense to dust.

EVOS secured the win — and the first ever MLBB M1 World Championship title — in a stunning eight minutes!

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