This article is part of “Professional Help” an ongoing series of tips and tricks from pro players on their favorite characters.

Lance “MRVii” Vicencio is a streamer and professional MLBB player. He won the Mobile Legends Philippines Cup in 2018 with Nexplay Esports and also played in MLBB x Liga Season 1, ESGS Sports Summit, and the MeSA ESGS MLBB tournament.

MRVii can play a wide assortment of heroes, but his favorite character is Kaja, who he reached Global Rank 2 with in Season 12. Here are five tips from the man himself to help you improve your Kaja game.

1. Rapid boots will give you a big early game advantage

Rapid boots are the best boots for Kaja because they give you a big advantage in the early game to roam and gank enemies as soon as you reach level 4. Find a good spot so you won’t get caught easily, and use the Flicker spell to jump at your enemy easily and execute Kaja’s Divine Judgement.

2. The importance of Fleeting Time

Fleeting Time is the most important item for Kaja because it reduces the cooldown on his Divine Judgement ultimate by 30% whenever you get an assist or kill.

3. Thunderbelt and Wrath Sanction

The next item you want is Thunderbelt as it makes Kaja a lot more durable and also synergizes really well with Kaja’s passive, Wrath Sanction. Wrath Sanction activates every 6 seconds and lets your basic attack deal additional magic damage to the target. Combine that with Thunderbelt’s effect, which activates every 1.5 seconds (lining up perfectly with Wrath Sanction) and makes your basic attack deal extra true damage equal to 2% of the user’s Max HP and slow them for 1.5 seconds and you have a deadly burst combo.

4. Immortality

I also suggest picking up Immortality, as it will give you the confidence to use Flicker more aggressively. Once you execute Kaja’s ultimate on one enemy, you and your teammates will be able to easily burst him down.

5. Cooldown tracking

One of the most important skills to master when playing Kaja is tracking your enemies’ skill and spell cooldowns, especially if they have Purify, which can completely negate Kaja’s ultimate. Good timing is crucial when playing Kaja.

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