The Mid-Season Streamathon’s EU Faceoff showcased hidden talents and unsung players throughout the European region that we don’t usually see in the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) spotlight.

Misfits Premier and The French Zoo’s (ZOO) bot-laner Jean “Jezu” Massol is one such player who rose to the occasion with an incredible Aphelios play using Aphelios against the German Pingus (PNGU).

Mid-Season Streamathon caster, Daniel “Drakos” Drakos, was so amazed by the play, he said “this is hands-down the best Aphelios performance I have ever seen, single-handedly winning an entire game, an entire teamfight.”

Here’s what happened.

While all five players of ZOO were taking down the Elder Drake, PNGU were positioning themselves to stop the former from killing the monster and acquiring the buff. PNGU Jona “Johnny” Schmitt’s Jarvan IV initiated the team fight and jumped near the dragon pit, trapping ZOO Jezu’s Aphelios and ZOO Charles “Noi” Lapassat’s Sion with his ultimate ability Cataclysm. Jezu utilized this disadvantageous situation and activated his Stopwatch item to buy his teammates more time to save him.

Then, he positioned himself at the back of the Elder Dragon, equipped the weapon Infernum, and cast Duskwave dealing heavy damage to PNGU Nico “Sola” Linke’s Ashe, PNGU Christian “Eis” Thamm’s Janna, and Johnny’s Jarvan IV.

At this point, Jezu’s Aphelios only had a pixel of HP left but ZOO Jean “Trayton” Medzadourian’s Lulu was able to sustain his life enough to take down three of Pingu’s members and the Elder Dragon as well.

Here is another clip of Jezu’s immaculate moves from his perspective.

Jezu ended the game with 321 minion kills, a 7/2/9 KDA, and 64k team gold for The French Zoo.

The team also advanced to the finals where they won over the European squad LEC Kings. Representing the country France, The French Zoo was hailed as the first EU Faceoff Champions for the Mid-Season Streamathon.

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