Taking place from October 2 to November 10, the 2019 Season World Championship (or Worlds 2019, as it is commonly known) features 24 of the world’s best League of Legends teams battling it out for glory around Europe.

These 24 teams have been split into two stages, namely the Play-In Stage and the Group Stage. The Play-In Stage will feature 12 teams who will compete, with the top four teams advancing to the Main Event’s Group Stage.

When they do, however, they will want to avoid Group C, which features super strong teams in the form of SKT T1, Fnatic and Royal Never Give Up, who are respectively Korea’s number one, Europe’s number two and China’s number two teams.

These three names have almost consistently appeared in the previous Worlds, and have almost always made it out of the Worlds Group Stage. Aside from that fact, Group C teams hold impressive records like SKT’s three-time Worlds champion title, Fnatic’s Worlds Season 1 run, and RNG’s LPL regular season championships.

The Group Stage draw was done live on stream on an hour-long show, which had the requirement that no group can have the teams from the same region.

Southeast Asian Summoners are more likely to root for Group C for the Play-In Stage, which is composed of Hong Kong Attitude, Lowkey Esports, and Mega Esports. These three teams play for regions LMS, Vietnam, and SEA respectively. It is also to be noted that all Group C teams were formerly under the Garena Pro League.

The 2019 Play-In Stage is set for October 2-5 and October 7-8 followed by the Group Stage on October 12-15 and October 17-20. The 2019 League of Legends World Championship Finals will take place on November 10 at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris, France.

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