With the League of Legends preseason now coming to a close, Riot Games has announced that Season 10 will be starting on Friday, January 10.

The developer announced the launch date of the new season on their official Twitter account, with the tweet showing a silhouette graphic of a treacherous Urgot with the caption, “in 5 days, we break them.”

The second picture looks more like an official statement, as it showcased the brand new logo of the 2020 LoL season alongside its starting date.

As usual, players will experience a ranked reset. Seeing as it won’t be a hard reset, your ranking will depend on your previous performances in the last season and the recent pre-season. On top of the reset, Riot have made it easier to settle into your tier and division with provisional ranks.

First introduced in Season 9, provisional ranks allow players to earn LP without the risk of losing LP at the same time. In your eight placement matches, your LP will only change through wins, giving you the perfect headstart for the season.

Aside from ranked reset, Season 10 will finally bring the Rift’s’ newest champion Sett onto public servers.

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