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On the lookout for LoL skins 2024? We’ve got you covered!

Riot Games has exciting plans for the year, with the release of new League of Legends skin lines and the return of fan-favorite themes.

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In their “Season 2024 Look Ahead” video, Riot Games unveiled the Heavenscale skinline to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Familiar themes like Porcelain, Faerie Court, Project, and Blood Moon are also making a comeback, all slated for release before the summer.

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Notably, champions Rammus and Olaf will be receiving new skins sometime in 2024.

Riot is also focusing on art and sustainability updates (ASU) for Lee Sin and Teemo’s skin catalogs. Lee Sin’s reworked skins are scheduled for release in May, while Teemo’s may follow later in the year.

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Additionally, Legendary skins Brolaf, Corporate Mundo, and Dragon Trainer Tristana will receive borders.

Upcoming and new LoL skins 2024 release date, patch

LoL skins 2024 featuring Prestige Heavenscale Ezreal skin
Credit: Riot Games
Foreseen YasuoPatch 14.2January 24, 2024
Prestige Heavenscale Ezreal
Heavenscale Ezreal
Heavenscale Kai’Sa
Heavenscale Master Yi
Heavenscale Diana
Heavenscale Janna
Heavenscale Smolder
Patch 14.3February 7, 2024
Prestige Porcelain Kindred
Porcelain Graves
Porcelain Darius
Porcelain Miss Fortune
Porcelain Morgana
Porcelain Irelia
Porcelain Aurelion So
Patch 14.4February 22, 2024
Prestige skins for Yuumi and LeonaTBCJuly 2024
Crystalis Indomitus Kha’ZixTBCMarch 2024
Crystalis Indomitus XerathTBCJune 2024
Crystalis Indomitus NautilusTBCAugust 2024
Primal Ambush skinsTBCTBC
Faerie Court skinsTBCTBC
Project skinsTBCTBC
Blood Moon skinsTBCTBC

LoL Prestige skins 2024

The Prestige skins for the first half of 2024 feature Rakan, Ezreal, Kindred, Evelynn, and Kayle, in that order.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page to keep up to date with the full list of new LoL skins 2024.

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