Having surprised everyone a month ago at EVO 2019 with the news that Riot would be making a brand-new fighting game, Riot finally gave its fans more of what it’s been up to since then.

Project L is set in the LoL universe, and is made by the former Radiant Entertainment members, who were acquired by Riot in 2016 after launching an alpha of its fighting game, Fighting Thunder.

Riot recently followed up with an update video at its 10th Anniversary event, showcasing some quick, yet satisfying gameplay of the fighting game, now titled “Project L.” From the preview, the game is sticking to a 2.5D perspective, akin to Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.

Cannon explained how he wanted Project L to be “different but harmonious” to what fighting game players are used to. As for League fans, he wanted to give them the chance to see the Runeterran champions in a new light and a new camera angle.

Although Project L is now a real thing, Cannon mentioned that there’s still a long road ahead for the developers until its eventual release.

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