LCS caster Ovilee May has recently announced that she will not be part of the LCS broadcast for the LCS 2020 Summer Split.

Dubbed as the LCS Meme Queen, May was mostly known for her quirky antics and close-up interviews during the Player of the Week segment, talking to the league’s best players and awarding them with figurines of themselves.

Other than that, she frequently hosted various League events such as the All-Star Event and Twitch Rivals, making herself a very familiar face in the LCS and League community.

“I’m going to go from doing three interviews a week to being more present in the community, whether it be through my own content, team content, streaming, or co-streaming throughout the Split,” May stated in the video.

Though she won’t be making regular appearances on LCS, May has assured fans that she’ll continue to create LCS-related content with the LCS publishing team and in her own endeavors.

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