Riot Games has just dropped a fresh batch of skins for its Dystopian time traveller theme, Pulsefire.

Four League of Legends champions have been visually bestowed with cybernetic advancements and are ready to take over the Summoner’s Rift.

Pulsefire Ekko has his hair transformed to silver, complete with an advanced-looking suit. Ekko’s weapons the Zero-Drive and Piltover Clock Hand emit a cool blue glow from afar.

Blue and orange particle effects are also evident whenever he casts his second ability, Parallel Convergence.

Credit: Riot Games

On the other hand, Pulsefire Fiora has been blessed with blue hair, with eye-catching golden tassels attached on her shoulder that completes her dominant look. Hitting all four vitals using her ultimate ability Grand Challenge reveals a huge green circular effect with a logo at the center.

Credit: Riot Games

The ancient-looking champion Pantheon has been revamped with modern-looking weapons. In his Pulsefire skin, Pantheon no longer wears his helmet but instead dons what looks to be a holographic headpiece. Pulsefire Pantheon also features a new in-game recall!

Credit: Riot Games

The Sentinel of Light, Lucian, has been converted into a chrono-enforcer in his Pulsefire skin. Lucian wears a holographic eyepiece that matches his glowing Light Pistols.

Credit: Riot Games

As a contrast to its blue glow, the Prestige Edition of Lucian’s Pulsefire skin shows him all dressed in gold with particle effects that match the same color.

Credit: Surrender at 20

Pulsefire Pantheon and Pulsefire Lucian are set to be priced at 1,350RP each, while the Prestige Edition Pulsefire Lucian skin costs 2,000 event tokens similar to the other Prestige skins.

All five brand new Pulsefire skins are now available for testing at the client’s Public Beta Environment (PBE).

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