After an extended day filled with tiebreakers, Gen.G and JG Gaming became the final victors of the League of Legends Mid-Season Cup’s group stage B matches.

JDG became the third LPL team to make it to the next round while Gen.G was the final LCK representative in the whole tournament.

Gen.G vs Invictus Gaming

Against Invictus Gaming, Gen.G played the role of final executioner, eliminating IG’s chances of staying in the tournament past day two.

With their spirits low due to their back-to-back losses, IG found no way to break Gen.G’s new and improved offense. After claiming the Cloud soul, the Koreans charged through the Chinese squad’s bot jungle, eliminating half of IG’s team.

With a 7k gold lead and Baron on their side, Gen.G forced another clash on the bottom side of the map to secure the win. By taking out Su “SouthWind” Zhi-Lin and Ding “Puff” Wang in the engage, Gen.G raced to IG’s base and destroyed the Nexus, ending the Chinese team’s winless run in the tournament.

DragonX vs JD Gaming

Despite having great games earlier in the day, DragonX hobbled through the tiebreakers. By their final match against JD Gaming, the team seemed to be running on fumes, losing critical clashes in the late game. Though DRX was able to secure the Mountain Soul, JDG tore through their opponent’s weak team composition with Lee “LokeN” Dong-wook’s sharpshooter Ezreal.

Backed by their incredible outplays, the LPL Spring Split champs opted to charge through the botlane. JDG overpowered DRX’s defense for a picture-perfect ace in the base to finish the day.


  1. Gen.G (3-1)
  2. JDG (3-1)
  3. DRX (2-3)
  4. IG (0-3)

The LoL Mid-Season Cup continues today with the semi-finals.

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