Chinese team FunPlus Phoenix reigned victorious over G2 Esports in the League of Legends Worlds Championship 2019. With a score of 3-0, FPX proved themselves to be this year’s best team, also showing that the Chinese League of Legends Pro League (LPL) is, without a doubt, a world-class region.

Game one

The first game was a great beginning for FPX. With their quickfire execution, the Chinese team was able to get first blood by the three-minute mark. In a 3-man tower dive, Doinb successfully rooted Wunder, but the G2 player flashed into the tower for a hopeful escape. After the flash, GimGoon secured the first blood with a Gangplank parley.

Later in the game, FPX marched through the mid-lane to take down the last tower. To slow their progress, Caps removed a ward in the lane, only to fall to Lwx’s immediate auto-attack. As FPX chipped down the tower, Doinb latched on to Wunder while Crisp initiated his Thresh ult. With Wunder surrounded by FPX, Lwx came in for a kill with a few auto-attacks.

With both top and middle inhibitors gone, FPX just needed one more push to secure the win. With another swift kill on Wunder, the Chinese team sieged the Nexus with three G2 players defending. Doinb initiated the fight with the perfect anchor onto Jankos. Although Caps tried to counter their fight with a quick appearance, he was the first to fall in the fight. As the two teams fought under the Nexus towers, FPX took G2 down one by one, ending the game with an amazing ace.

Game two

FPX was unstoppable in the second round. Their first clash was the perfect start to their best game in the series. As G2 was finishing off the dragon, FPX changed the tides with a simple engage. After taunting and finishing off Caps, Lwx easily cleaned up the remaining G2 members inside the dragon’s pit with some auto-attacks and a cast of Icathian Rain.

By the 22-minute mark, FPX was ruling over the map with an 8-1 kill difference. Desperate for a kill, G2 chased down Crisp to set a 4v5 clash in the river. With a teleport from GimGoon and a misstep by Mikyx, the rest of FPX rushed in for the ace, granting Lwx a triple-kill.

With G2 still trying to recover from the team wipe, FPX immediately struck back with another ace. Although Wunder nuked down Crisp, Lwx followed up quickly on the lowlife Akali while Dionb solo-killed Perkz at the entrance of G2’s base. With the rest of G2 still respawning, FPX stormed the Nexus to take another W in the series.

Game three

With FPX now at championship point, G2 did their best in solidifying their team presence in Game 3. In a quick clash at mid, G2 stayed close to the base of the tower. With immediate back up from Mikyx and Caps, Jankos went in and came out with the game’s first blood against Tian.

Although G2 looked at its most stable in game three, FPX was ready to turn the heat up when needed. G2 followed Doinb’s activity in the top lane, but Tian launched Caps straight to Doinb for an assist.

With Tian barely escaping Mikyx’s grasp, he made his way out of the jungle and into the top lane, joining Lwx and Gimgoon for the shutdown on Perkz. With Crisp still hungry for another kill, he executed the perfect flash-hook on Wunder with the rest of G2 confirming the kill.

By the 30-minute mark, FPX successfully got the Baron buff and chased down G2 into their top jungle, executing three G2 members. Only losing Crisp in the clash, FPX made their way to their opponent’s Nexus.

With only Wunder and Perkz left to defend, the four remaining FPX members were split on fighting the duo or destroying the last two towers. Although Wunder and Perkz took out Tian and GimGoon, Lwx and Doinb focused all their power onto the vulnerable Nexus, conquering their third and final match for Worlds 2019.

With the championship win, FunPlus Phoenix claimed the illustrious Summoner’s Cup and US$840,000 while runner-up G2 Esports took home US$300,000.

With Worlds 2019 coming to a thrilling conclusion, next year’s League of Legends World Championship will take place in Shanghai, China, where FPX will defend their trophy on home soil.

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