League of Legends just released a Public Beta Environment (PBE) preview of four upcoming skins: Blackfrost Alistar, Blackfrost Rek’Sai, Blackfrost Renekton.

The preview also includes a new Hextech skin for Sejuani.

Blackfrost Alistar showed the Minotaur’s horns, hooves, and fists transformed into icy shards. His recall summons what looks like a huge, dark mineral which he later on destroys.

Credit: Riot Games

On the other hand, Blackfrost Rek’Sai leaves a path of ice as she burrows herself underground. Then she pounds on her chest and musters three dark minerals as her recall animation ends.

Credit: Riot Games

Wreaking havoc in what looks like a whirlwind of cold air, Renekton’s Blackfrost form blows frost from his fangs and later on flashes the Frostguard insignia above his head.

Credit: Riot Games

The Blackfrost skin line which originated from The Cryophoenix champion Anivia features mystical hues of purple, black, and blue.

The cold colors symbolize the dark power that Anivia has gained, making her a terrifying corrupted being.

Sejuani and her boar, Bristle, join the Hextech skin line with her whip transforming into an advanced ball that emits a glowing light. Bristle has been dressed with fine Hextech machinery, making it look fierce and ready to take over the Summoner’s Rift.

Credit: Riot Games

More animations will be revealed for these four fresh skins on the 10.5 PBE cycle soon.

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