Game studio Super Evil Megacorp has spun off into a new startup company called Bazooka Tango.

The up-and-coming studio’s first project is called “Vainglory All Stars”, which takes the beloved characters of mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title Vainglory out on a new, 3v3 brawler arena.

Credit: Vainglory All-Stars/Bazooka Tango

Designed for Android and iOS mobile devices, Vainglory All Stars will first be showcased across various countries through an exclusive beta program. Fans can participate in the game trials by registering here.

A sneak peek of the game can be seen at the end of Bazooka Tango co-founder Stephan “CaptainNeato” Sherwin’s announcement below:

Bazooka Tango was created by Super Evil Megacorp founding CEO Bo Daly alongside CaptainNeato.

Along with gaming industry veterans who have worked with Riot Games, Rockstar, EA, and NCSoft, the fledgling game studio is looking to capitalize on US$2.5 million seed funding from BITKRAFT Esports Ventures to to deliver mobile-first AAA gaming experiences to players.

“Rather than bringing AAA to mobile, we want to help shape what mobile-first AAA can really mean with new experiences for players,” said Daly.

“Bazooka Tango has assembled a senior executive team with diverse backgrounds to create something from the ground-up that will support this next wave of mobile games and the new generation of mobile-first gamers.”

Whether or not Vainglory All Stars will eventually take part of the esports spotlight is a matter that the game’s “players will ultimately decide”.

“If you build a great game, allow players to partner up and compete, they’re going to find a way to formalize that,” Daly added.

Vainglory All Stars is set to soft launch come spring this year.

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