With many parts of China and South Korea under home quarantine due to the COVID-19 coronavirus upbreak, unsurprisingly, many people have turned to gaming to pass the time while they’re stuck at home.

In fact, according to analysts, Appannie, downloads on the iOS app store and Google Play store have increased by a combined 80% in the last month.

The number one most downloaded game in South Korea last month was AFK Arena, the turn-based idle RPG game from Chinese developers, Lilith Games.

Second on the list was Korean game, Royal Dice, which appears to be a dice-based strategy game, while Voodoo’s puzzle game, Push ’em all was third.

In China, a game called “Raise Pig” was by far the most downloaded game, while puzzle game, Brain Out, was second, and Game For Peace, Tencent’s government-friendly version of PUBG Mobile was third.

Perhaps surprisingly, despite a massive spike in downloads in January, strategy pandemic-simulation game, Plague Inc. was not on either top ten list for the month of February.

Maybe the reality of COVID-19 has people shying away from a simulated version?

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