Super Nintendo World, Nintendo’s upcoming theme park, will be the next elaborate addition to Universal Studios Japan.

In a recent interview during the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2019 Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference, Universal Parks and Resorts CEO Tom Williams opened up about what’s in store for Nintendo fans at Super Nintendo World.

Opening springtime of next year, SNW will have “the first phase” of rides — Super Mario Kart Ride and Yoshi’s Adventures — operational for park-goers.

Williams also mentioned that the whole park will have interactive features that guests can enjoy using a special wristband.

With the wristband, you can interact and play various games around the park and its three different levels. You can earn points through the wristband’s score-keeping capability and you can even have the wristband “interface” with your own Nintendo console.

Although Williams didn’t expound on the specific mechanics of the wristband, it seems to be a novel idea that could keep visitors satisfied and coming back for more.

As for other plans, Williams stated that there will be locations in the park dedicated to Mario’s sworn enemy, Bowser, and his longtime love interest, Princess Peach. When questioned about the possible integration of SNW to other Universal parks, Williams suggested that it is a definite possibility.

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