Chinese gaming company, Tencent, has teamed up with Capcom to make Street Fighter: Duel, a new mobile game that puts the cast of Street Fighter in a new game genre.

Duel is a JRPG that will let players form a team of three with their favorite fighters and fight their way through waves of Shadaloo grunts and bigger bosses like M. Bison.

Other than the story mode, the trailer also shows off a PvP mode that will let you duel people around the world.

The game looks pretty detailed, with skill-trees and equipable items for all fighters, but it seems to have a recharge mechanic for its warriors so choose your battles wisely.

Aside from the gameplay, some viewers have noticed a similarity in the game’s aesthetic to hugely-popular team-based JRPG, Persona 5. Comparing the start menu, art style, and UI design, there are definitely some similarities between the two games:

Street Fighter: Duel is still in its pre-registration phase in China and, from the looks of the Chinese-only trailer, SFD might be exclusive to Tencent’s home country.

You can check out Street Fighter: Duel’s trailer down below:

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