Riot Games and its co-founders, Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill recently donated a sum of US$1.5 million (US$500,000 each) to their hometown of Los Angeles as financial support for COVID-19 relief. LA Mayor Eric Garcetti addressed the donation in an official press conference a few days ago.

“We are blessed here in L.A. to have industries that not only fuel our city but our country and our world’s economy,” said Garcetti. “E-Gaming is one of those industries and one of the leaders in that space is Riot Games.”

US$400,000 from the sizable donation will be allocated to the Los Angeles Food Bank while another US$200,000 will make its way to the Mayor’s Fund, to help with costs of health, childcare, senior meals, as well as cash grants for those in need. The rest of the donation (US$800,000) will go towards other LA-based nonprofit organizations.

Riot Games will continue its support through the aid of the frontline workforce and its own company employees. Riot will be securing personal protective equipment (PPE) to various hospitals while also keeping its own janitorial, faculties, and food workforce on full-time payroll.

“Knowing this is a moment of strain for working families across our region, Riot Games is committed to doing right by its workforce,” Garcetti said.

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