With players all around the world enjoying Nature Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nintendo has revealed a bunch of new seasonal events that will be rolling out over the next few months:

  • Nature Day (April 23 to May 4) – players can participate in special Nook Miles challenges that center around nature-friendly activities
  • May Day (May 1 to May 7) – using a one-time ticket, you can go on a special May-Day Tour off to a mysterious island. One of the franchise’s early NPCs Rover seems to be waiting for you somewhere on the tour.
  • International Museum Day (May 18 to May 31) – Blathers will give you a card so you can participate in a Stamp Rally. Then you can roam around the museum’s exhibits and have your card stamped. The completed card can then be exchanged for in-game rewards. The process seems to be Animal Crossing’s way of tracing its roots back to Japan, where museum stamp rallies are a common thing.
  • Wedding Season (June 1 to June 30) – players can visit the hippie dog Harvey’s island to celebrate the month-long period of matrimony. During this time, you can assist the alpaca couple Cyrus and Reese to get the perfect wedding anniversary photos. Wedding-themed items can be obtained in exchange for the task!

Along with Nature Day, the latest update also brought with it some new features.

The sloth Leif and the fox Redd are the two new merchants joining your island. Leif will be running a garden shop that sells all kinds of lush goods, including shrubs! In addition to flowers, players can now grow bushes in the game. The teaser video showed four kinds of bushes available: pink-azalea start, white-azalea start, orange-tea-olive start, and yellow-tea olive start.

The notorious Redd is back with his new shop called the Treasure Trawler located in a sketchy ship docked on the island’s shores. Here you can exchange your bells for artwork and furniture, but be wary as Jolly Redd has a reputation to sell counterfeit items based on past Animal Crossing titles.

An art gallery will be added to the museum as part of its expansion. Players can donate collector pieces like paintings and sculptures. The genuine art bought from Jolly Redd can be appraised by the owl Blathers which later on becomes a part of the museum collection.

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