Korea’s Gen.G Esports outlasted 15 of the best PUBG teams from around the world to claim their first PUBG Global Championship this weekend.

Gen.G took an early lead on day one of the tournament, and were able to hold on to their lead on Sunday to claim the title.

Gen.G’s PUBG team consists of:

  • Kim “Chelator” Min-ki
  • Cha “Pio” Seung-Hun
  • Park “Loki” Jung-Young
  • Go “Esther” Jeong-Wan
  • Kang “taemin” Tae-Min
  • Coach Bae “WatchinU” Seung-Hu

The PUBG World Championship’s Grand Final featured sixteen teams battling in twelve matches over two days. Points were scored for final placement and kills.

On day one, Gen.G took a commanding lead, with 56 total points at the end of the day, putting them five points clear of second-place Four Angry Men.

On day two, the team struggled through the middle of the day with low placements, briefing ceding the top spot to China’s Four Angry Men.

Heading into the final game, Four Angry Men were in the top spot, but Gen.G were just two points behind them. However, an early squad wipe saw Four Angry Men eliminated in 15th position, leaving the door wide open for Gen.G to claim victory.

Rather than play defensively, the squad opted for an aggressive strat, and mercilessly attacked other contenders, eventually racking up a double-digit kill count. While Gen.G were eventually taken out in fourth place, it was enough to secure them the first-place finish overall.

Here’s how the teams measured in the final point-count:

  1. Gen.G Esports (111 points)
  2. FaZe Clan (101 points)
  3. Four Angry Men (99 points)
  4. OGN Entus Force (89 points)
  5. VC Gaming (84 points)
  6. Natus Vincere (75 points)
  7. TSM (75 points)
  8. The Rumblers (74 points)
  9. Genesis (61 points)
  10. OGN Entus Ace (61 points)
  11. SK Telecom T1 (48 points)
  12. QM Gaming (45 points)
  13. Lazarus (43 points)
  14. Tempo Storm (42 points)
  15. WClick (39 points)
  16. Global Esports Xsset (36 points)

For their victory, Gen.G won over US$2M, while runner-up FaZe Clan went home with US$ 300,000. Four Angry Men bagged third-place and earned US$150,000.

Esports fans around the world congratulated Gen.G on their first PUBG Global Championship trophy, including ONE Championship athlete and Esports ambassador, Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson:

You can watch Day 2 of the PGC 2019 Grand Finals down below:

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