Epic Games has revealed eight new indie games that will soon be available exclusively on the Epic Games Store. The Fortnite game developer announced the upcoming titles during its PAX West 2019 showcase.

The eight games are as follows:

  • Airborne Kingdom — A fantasy-style city management and exploration game where everything you can take your creativity to the skies.
  • The Alto Collection — Bringing Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey to the PC for the first time, this snowboarding game is a visual stunner.
  • The Eternal Cylinder — An open-world survival/adventure game set on a surreal alien world.
  • Manifold Garden — A first-person puzzle and exploration game that defies everything you know about architecture and physics.
  • No Straight Roads — A vibrant and heart-pumping action game where you play an indie rocker leading a musical revolution.
  • Ooblets — This adorable game combines elements of fan-favorites Pokémon, Animal Crossing, and Harvest Moon.
  • Superliminal — A puzzle game unlike any you’ve played before, where you have to throw your perspective out the window.
  • Wattam — A whimsical world where everyday objects come to life and invite you to embrace your silliest self.

It appears that the exclusivity arrangement that Epic Games has with game developers are on limited terms.

Manifold Garden, for one, will be exclusive on Epic Games Store for just 12 months, according to game developer William Chyr.

There is no information on how long the other games will be exclusive in the Epic Games Store.

Epic Games has been making games exclusive to their store for a while in a bid to win customers from rival game stores like Steam. Acquiring these eight indies definitely tips scales in their favor for now.

Check out previews of the exclusive titles below:

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