Anything is possible with Nintendo‘s smash-hit simulation game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. From talking animals, giant fishes, office meetings, celebrity visits, to re-created places and scenes.

Here are the top five fan-made creations inside New Horizons.

Final Fantasy VII’s Midgar

Credit: Square Enix

Yes, you read that right — the most technologically advanced city on the planet, Midgar, has arrived in New Horizons. Well, a replica of it that is.

Redditor karurujp boasted his creation of buildings and silos arranged to resemble Final Fantasy VII‘s Midgar city. We can already hear the Shinra HQ music playing in the background just by looking at this photo he posted on Reddit.

Karurujp’s avatar even looks like FFVII’s Cloud himself with his blonde hair and black clothing.

Deal or No Deal

Screenshot by: Kristine Tuting/ ONE Esports

Popular primetime television game show Deal or No Deal (or in this case, how about Bell or No Bell?) has been revived in Animal Crossing.

Hosted by Miki of Xwater Gaming, the show featured speedrunner David “GrandPooBear” Hunt as its first contestant.

Instead of silver briefcases, the playing stage was lined up with brown pouches containing bells, with values ranging from 100 bells up to as high as 1 million bells. The original models were replaced with assistants wearing indigo dresses with bunny headpieces to match.

All negotiations happen on the left side of the stage where a briefcase and a ringing bell has been placed to symbolize the player’s decisions throughout the show.

The game’s banker, Jaku, sits on his own space where he calls out the offer to be given to contestants.

San Diego Comic-Con International

Credit: San Diego Comic-Con International

Probably the closest any of us would get to the San Diego Comic-Con International (SDCC) this year would be through Animal Crossing, where player Romel De Silva built his own version.

De Silva’s island HillValley has been transformed into a crazy convention floor filled with stuff attendees would normally see at the SDCC — numerous booths, life-sized figures, posters and art pieces, merchandise, and other pop culture goodies. A part of the island has even been converted into a show panel where De Silva and his friends lined up to participate. Did they find their way through Hall H?

Animal Crossing Comic-Con! ????Thanks to all that attended!

Posted by Romel De Silva on Monday, April 20, 2020

The attendees came dressed as different characters, to which their cosplays were judged by the end of the convention.

Disneyland Theme Park

Credit: Disneyland California

How would you like to visit the happiest place on earth in the middle of the quarantine period? It’s virtually possible in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

YouTuber iGumdrop gave everyone a tour of her friend’s 5-star island which has been converted to look like the popular amusement park Disneyland.

The re-created theme park has a total of ten attractions, including the centerpiece Sleeping Beauty Castle, the futuristic Tomorrowland, Lightning McQueen’s turf Cars Land, the thrilling roller coaster Space Mountain, the exotic Adventure Land, rides based on the franchises Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars, the spinning teacup ride Mad Tea Party, the log flume Splash Mountain, and even the hydrotechnic show World of Color.

Just like the Disneyland we know and love in real life, the park that iGumdrop visited promotes photo opportunities with characters and mascots, theatrical shows, snacks like popcorn and Dole Whips, and adorable Mickey-fied souvenirs and merchandise.

Africa by Toto

Aspiring soundtrack composer Mako Ray reimagined American rock band Toto’s classic 80s song “Africa” in Animal Crossing. Eight different versions of Mako Ray’s character performed their hearts out in a simple, enclosed room. All held instruments crucial to making the music, such as an empty can kalimba, an alto saxophone, a marimba, a tambourine, a country guitar, a drum set, a synthesizer, and a bass.

It wasn’t an easy feat, however, as he compiled all of the clips himself playing different notes and pitch-shifting them to match the original song’s notes.

The result was an astounding recreation of Africa using virtual instruments in the game.

Mako Ray also uploaded a version of the video with no pitch-editing involved.

In one of his tweets, he revealed that he was inspired by a Japanese musician named Kaiton who recreated Shoji Meguro’s “Life Will Change” in the game. The title is an original soundtrack in Atlus’ role-playing game Persona 5.

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