As one of the leading female figures in the fighting games community, Sherry “Sherryjenix” Nhan is currently competing in Season 2 of Street Fighter League US as a member of Team Frost, alongside Kevin “Dual Kevin” Barrios and Miky “Samurai” Chea.

Originally from Philadelphia, Sherry now lives in Southern California. Along with Street Fighter, she’s best known for her love of Japanese sports cars and Popeye’s fried chicken.

Nhan first started playing fighting games with Street Fighter IV, where she mained C. Viper. She was originally taught the game by accomplished SoCal FGC veteran, Ivan “Kryojenix” Kim (who she got her gamertag from), at the legendary Arcade Infinity in Los Angeles, California.

“My friend signed me up for Arcade Infinity’s Ladies of Street Fighter Tournament as Sherryjenix and I just stuck with the name,” said Nhan.

These days Sherry mains Necalli in Street Fighter V, partially because C. Viper hasn’t been added to the roster yet, and partially because he goes Super Saiyan when he activates V-trigger, which Nahn says is “really sick”.

Sherry is also the founder of eFightPass, an organization that assists non-US players to acquire a Visa and funding to compete in the United States.

We recently caught up with Sherry while she was in Singapore for the SEA Major. Check out her post-match thoughts after facing eventual SEA Major champion, Keita “Fuudo” Ai, what it’s like being one of the only female pros on the pro circuit, her advice for aspiring female players, and more:

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