The first day of the Leipzig Major Playoffs has ended, and there were some incredible plays and amazing team fights from the best Dota 2 teams in the world.

Here are all the best moments you might have missed:

Miracle- survives a gank attempt from Evil Geniuses

After Nigma took the commanding lead, their opponents Evil Geniuses tried to gain back some momentum by ganking Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi’s Phantom Lancer — who was farming neutral creeps in their jungle.

Even as Andreas “Cr1t-” Nielsen jumped in and dropped the Echo Slam, and as EG continued to throw all available spells at Miracle-, he was simply able to Phantom Rush away to safety.

GH lands a three-man Echo Slam

In the following game, Nigma’s Maraoun “GH” Marhej got a big 3-man Echo Slam that decimated EG’s lineup by simply walking up to them. Both Miracle- and Ivan “Mind Control” Ivanov joined in by casting their Fire Remnant and the Wall of Replica ultimates on the three enemy heroes.

Ori’s unkillable Huskar

Zeng “Ori” Jiaaoyang’s Huskar simply stood inside Invictus Gaming’s base and dared them to initiate against him. He tanked everything from Enchantress’ Impetus shots to a full Chain Frost from Lich, and continued to charge forward into IG’s heroes without getting even close to dying.

Hector runs into four Chaos EC heroes and gets a Rampage

paIN Gaming took so long to take down tanky Beastcoast stand-in, Rodrigo “Lelis” Santos’ Sand King, that Hector “K1” Rodriguez’s Bloodseeker was able to teleport to the top lane Outpost to pursue his low health opponents and get the Rampage.

Xxs survives a three-man gank and gets a Double-Kill instead

Ling “Xxs” Jing timed his Hoof Stomp perfectly and outplayed three of Chaos Esports Club’s heroes, who attempted to gank him and converted that into a Double-Kill. Not bad!

TNC teamwipes Reality Rift

TNC took control of their best-of-one match against Reality Rift at the 21-minute mark of the game where they team-wiped their opponents despite having their Black Hole instantly canceled.

Two amazing base defenses from Team Liquid and

Both and Team Liquid had unbelievable base defense plays against each other during the final game of the day.

First, VP managed to defend their base despite being 59,000 gold behind. They then took down Team Liquid’s core heroes who bought back and rejoined the fight.

Team Liquid’s two remaining heroes were able to defend their Radiant Ancient against all five heroes of VP. Tommy “Taiga” Le’s Dark Willow, who had an Aghanim’s Scepter and Monkey King Bar, dealt an insane amount of damage, while Samuel “Boxi” Svahn’s Slardar stunned and controlled VP’s heroes who were trying to focus down the Radiant Ancient.

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