The next time someone calls you out for drinks, you can tell them you’re AFK.

Global esports organization Team Secret has partnered with US-based beer brewing company Levante Brewery to create the first-ever esports branded alcoholic beverage, called AFK.

Team Secret described their craft beer as a personification of gaming culture, “approachably delightful for the casual fan, but with appropriate depth in its flavor”.

“This unfiltered IPA expression projects a mesmerizing goldenrod-colored hue with a refreshing, low-bitterness mouthfeel. With its unique expression of Mosaic and Idaho 7 hops, AFK forms a pillowy-soft haze from oats and wheat that will bring your tastebuds to life,” said Team Secret in its announcement.

Secret first sampled its new craft beer label in a press party during The International 2019 in Shanghai, China last month, where the team’s Dota 2 squad finished in 4th place and took home over US$4 million.

Beverage brands are no stranger to esports, with energy drink brands RedBull and Monster Energy notably being mainstays of the industry. While alcoholic beverage brands such as Anheuser-Busch have recently begun to follow suit, Team Secret’s AFK will be the first endemic beer brand in esports.

Team Secret has made AFK available to esports venues, lounges, bars, and restaurants worldwide.

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