Team Oracle has defeated T1, 2-1, to advance to the Upper Bracket Finals of the ONE Esports Jakarta Invitational Indonesia Regional Qualifier, where they will be facing BOOM Esports.

Game one

Oracle opened the series with Chan “Ghost” Kok Hong on Phantom Lancer, Ou “No7” Meng on Shadow Fiend, Steven “Monster” Noel on Mars, Adrian “Destrice” Eng Chee Ern on Earthshaker, and Phuc “lordboonz” Nguyen on Enchantress.

T1 opted for a hard-hitting, mobile lineup with Dominik “Black^” Reitmeier on Riki, Muhammad “inYourdreaM” Rizky on Queen of Pain, Lee “Forev” Sang-don on Pangolier, Tri “Jhocam” Kuncoro on Rubick, and Yixaun “xuan” Guo on Lich.

Both teams were on relatively even footing coming into the midgame, as T1 was winning the early fights while Oracle’s core duo was leading in farm. However, Oracle won a huge fight at the 22-minute mark, which saw Ghost bag an Ultra Kill to put T1 on the back foot.

T1 didn’t have an answer for Ghost’s Phantom Lancer from there on, as he ran roughshod over them in the ensuing fights and led Oracle to a 32-minute victory.

Ghost notably notched an excellent 12/1/4 KDA on his Phantom Lancer.

Game two

T1 looked to bounce back in game two with a strong midgame timing with Black^ on Bristleback, inYourdreaM on a mid Lina, Forev on Pangolier again, Jhocam on Tiny, and xuan on Chen.

Meanwhile, Oracle picked Riki themselves for Ghost then put no7 on Shadow Fiend and Monster on Mars once more, while Destrice was given a support Slardar, and lordboonz had Oracle.

T1 held the lead from minute one and never looked back, heavily pressuring all of Oracle’s lanes while steadily gearing up for a strong midgame push. In an engagement at the 18-minute mark, inYourDream bagged a Triple Kill — including two on lordboonz who bought back and died a second time — to open up Oracle’s base.

Knowing their lineup was peaking in strength, T1 parked themselves in Oracle’s base just before the 20-minute mark and took two lanes of barracks at the bottom and mid lanes in quick succession. With their heroes virtually powerless to contest the T1 deathball, Oracle called GG after 23 minutes.

InYourdreaM had a clean 9/0/8 KDA while Black had a 7/2/6 line to lead T1 in forcing the series to a deciding game three.

Game three

T1 went with their midgame timing push strategy again for the decider, with Black^ on Bristleback once more, inYourDream on Razor, Forev on an offlane Puck, Jhocam on Tiny again, and xuan on Lich.

Oracle countered with a strong laning composition to prevent their opponents from hitting their timing, with Ghost on Lifestealer, no7 on Viper, Monster on Mars for the third-straight time, Destrice on Rubick, and lordboonz on Enchantress.

Oracle dominated the laning phase, with their cores shutting down their counterparts and not giving T1’s cores any breathing room. With their cores neutered, T1 lost the early engagements they were supposed to win while Oracle started snowballing.

Despite their best efforts, T1 could do little to defend against Oracle’s relentless assault and were eventually forced to call GG after 25 minutes.

Ghost, no7, and Monster combined for 21 of their team’s 26 kills, with no7 and Monster only having one death apiece, to lead Oracle in securing the series victory.

Oracle will next face BOOM Esports in the Upper Bracket Finals for the first Grand Final spot of the Indonesia Regional Qualifier.

Meanwhile, T1 drop down to the Lower Bracket where they will be taking on Tyrants Uprising.

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