The ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League Group Stage ended with Team Adroit and Reality Rift coming out of a 1-1 tie, which forced a best-of-one tiebreaker elimination match where Adroit ultimately clutched out to remain in the competition.

Meanwhile, TNC Predator and T1 also finished their match in a draw. With the draw, T1 managed to move up the leaderboard to avoid a tiebreaker.

Adroit Esports 1 — 1 Reality Rift

Team Adroit had one of their best performances of the tournament in the first game of the series, demolishing Reality Rift to force the possibility of tiebreakers.

Marvin “Boomy” Rushton on Tiny and Bryle “cml” Alviso on Vengeful Spirit provided their team with perfect support plays, enabling Mc Nicholson “Mac” Villanueva’s Shadow Fiend to takeover during the team fights.

Adroit would continue to capitalize on Reality Rift’s mistakes in a crucial Roshan fight, which tipped the game heavily in their favor. The Filipino squad would then go for a game-ending push at just the 24-minute mark, with Mac’s Shadow Fiend finishing the game with a 13/0/16 KDA.

Reality Rift made the proper draft adjustments and struck back against Adroit in game two to force a tiebreaker between them. The team prioritized giving Andrew “Drew” Halim and Hiew “AlaCrity” Teck Yoong Spectre and Queen of Pain, two heroes that they have excelled with.

Adroit kept the match close, but Reality Rift’s superior team fight execution helped them force the do-or-die elimination match. AlaCrity’s Queen of Pain notably finished game two with a 16/1/18 KDA.

TNC Predator 1 — 1 T1

TNC Predator had an excellent performance in their first game against T1, with Armel Paul “Armel” Tabios’s Doom perfectly countering Galvin “Meracle” Kang Jian Wen’s Terrorblade. With Armel getting a quick Blink Dagger, Meracle was not able to use his Sunder ultimate to survive in teamfights, as he was constantly being Doomed.

TNC Predator also capitalized in team fights when T1 mistimed their ultimates. Meracle’s Terrorblade failed to make the impact T1 was hoping for in the late game, and TNC demolished T1 in Game 1. 

With their tournament lives possibly on the line, T1 surprised TNC with a Broodmother pick for Meracle. T1 also completely shut down Armel’s Tiny, who ended up struggling the entire game.

T1’s heroes completely dominated Game 2 and amassed a 44,000-gold lead advantage over TNC Predator. They then decided to siege the Radiant base at the 40-minute mark, which led to a win. And as the match ended in a draw, T1 avoided playing in a tiebreaker match.

(Tiebreaker) Adroit Esports 1 — 0 Reality Rift

During their tiebreaker match, Adroit Esports continued to draft heroes suited to their playstyle, while Reality Rift went for denies in their draft, picking heroes that they did not want Adriot to play.

And it was Marvin “Boomy” Rushton who made plays all over the map by Tossing heroes straight into Adroit’s lineup. 

With Adroit Esports sieging the Radiant base, Drew’s Faceless Void was caught by Boomy, and tossed straight into Mac’s Requiem of Souls ultimate.

Because Reality Rift did not have enough gold to buyback to defend, Adroit Esports took total control of the Radiant base. With that, Reality Rift accepted their fate and called good game, exiting the ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League.

Now that the Regular Season is over, the remaining teams will shift their focus towards the Playoffs, where Fnatic will face the team that has been causing them the most trouble, Neon Esports, in the first match of the Upper Bracket.

TNC Predator will go against some of their former teammates who are now playing for Geek Fam in the second Upper Bracket matchup.

Meanwhile, BOOM Esports will go head-to-head with Adroit in the first best-of-three elimination match of the Lower Bracket, followed by NEW Esports taking on T1 to keep their tournament hopes alive.

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