OG Seed continue to prove that they are worthy of their organization’s name as they dominated Team Liquid, 2-0, in their group stage matchup at the Dota Summit 12.

After being blindsided by OG Seed in a game one that ended in just 22 minutes, Liquid looked to bounce back with one of their signature teamfight-heavy lineups with Michael “miCKe” Vu on Riki, Maximilian “qojqva” Bröcker on a mid Ember Spirit, Samuel “Boxi” Svahn on Mars, Tommy “Taiga” Le on Earthshaker, and Aydin “iNSaNiA” Sarkohi on Grimstroke.

OG Seed opted for a strong brawling composition of their own, with Omar “Madara” Dabachach on Sven, Rasmus “Chessie” Blomdin on Void Spirit, Andreas “Xibbe” Ragnemalm on an offlane Ogre Magi, Zakari “Zfreek” Freedman on Rubick, and Petu “Peksu” Vaatainen on Ancient Apparition.

Both teams were eager to clash early and often, with neither side coming out with too much of an advantage in a number of clashes for map control.

Liquid took the reins of the game after claiming victory in back-to-back teamfights at the 18 and 21-minute marks, making good use of their buybacks to win the engagements once OG Seed’s teamfight abilities had been expended.

Liquid looked like they were in complete control after they defeated OG Seed in another teamfight for control of Roshan, however, Zfreek salvaged the fight by skillfully turning the tables on qojqva in a chase that let his team claw their way back into the game.

After a relative lull in the fighting that saw both teams cautiously engage in minor skirmishes, OG Seed won a huge Roshan fight at the 31-minute mark that gave them the momentum they needed to take the fight back to Liquid’s side of the map.

OG Seed were able to take two lanes of barracks in mid and top, but Liquid was still able to snatch an Aegis away and then form a stout defensive line around their Ancient despite their opponents’ overwhelming advantage.

Despite Liquid’s best efforts to defend, OG Seed claimed three crucial pickoffs with a smoke gank into the river that eventually allowed them to close the game out after an action-packed 44 minutes.

Six players were able to notch 10 or more kills in this absolutely insane game. Madara led all players with 14 kills, Zfreek followed with 13, qojqva had 12, both Chessie and Boxi had 11, while miCKe had 10.

OG Seed finished the first day of the Dota Summit 12 Group Stage with a 4-2 record, which gives them a very good chance of making the playoffs despite being pegged as one of the weaker teams in the tournament at the start. They will have two more matches against Fnatic and Cloud9 to try and secure their playoff spot.

Meanwhile, Liquid ended up with a 2-4 record and are in danger of being eliminated after the group stage. They need stronger performances in their Day 2 matches against Evil Geniuses and Thunder Predator to keep their tournament hopes alive.

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