After struggling all season, PSG.LGD is finally showing signs of improvement at the WeSave! Charity Play tournament against Chinese rivals, Invictus Gaming.

Xu “fy” Linsen stole the show with his Windranger during game two. He made multiple key plays all over the map and landed clutch Shackle Shots that disabled Invictus Gaming’s support heroes.

fy then secured his Monkey King Bar 17-minutes into the game and continued to demolish IG’s heroes with Yang “Chalice” Shenyi, who was moved to the hard carry position role.

Shortly after, fy was able to farm his Black King Bar which left IG’s Tidehunter helpless. With his Black King Bar activated, fy used his Focus Fire ultimate to eliminate the enemy offlaner.

PSG.LGD did not give their opponents an opportunity to use their Ravage ultimate and this forced Invictus Gaming to tap out.

In the previous game, it was PSG.LGD’s newly acquired offlaner, Ren “eLeVeN” Yangwei, who held the front line that caused IG to overextend.

eLeVeN was able to tank Zhou “Emo” Yi’s Exorcism ultimate when IG was threatening to breach PSG.LGD’s Dire base. Then, when IG attempted to disengage, eLeVeN landed two clutch Spears of Mars that stunned Jin “flyfly” Zhiyi’s Morphling.

With their 2-0 win, PSG.LGD advances to the Finals where they will face the winner of the Semifinals match between EHOME and Vici Gaming.

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