Popular multiplayer online battle arena game Dota 2 has just hit a new milestone.

Officially released in 2013, the game has since registered over five billion matches on stats website, Dotabuff. This data only tracks standard games (including ranked), and not custom modes such as the on-going Wrath of the Mo’rokai. It also does not include games from the beta version of the game, which was released in 2011.

Dota 2 has continued to be a popular game — in fact, it’s the most played game on Steam, with players spending a cumulative over 293 million hours battling it out. CS:GO, the next most popular game, has 262 million hours played.

Interest in the game has also increased with the recently concluded The International, DOTA 2’s annual tournament, which recently broke records with a crowdfunded US$34 million prize pool.

The tournament also saw the first-ever two-time back-to-back champion, OG, take home the lion’s share of the prize pool amounting to US$15.6 million.

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