We’re finally headed to the Outlands!

The highly-anticipated update for Dota 2 is finally here, and brings with it two new heroes in Void Spirit and Snapfire, as well as massive changes that makes Dota an entirely different game.

Here’s what new.

Void Spirit is an elusive melee carry hero that uses his control over the aether to outwit and outmaneuver his opponents. As one of Dota’s Spirit Brothers, he has a remnant-based ability for crowd control, along with portal-based abilities that let him absorb or dish out damage.

Meanwhile, Beatrix Snapfire is a ranged support nuker that can mow down enemies with a blistering barrage from her scattergun or burn them down with the fiery breath of her trusty Dragon Toad mount, Mortimer. She also bakes some delicious cookies too that can send allies jumping.

If you think two new heroes make a big enough change for a patch, then you better strap in because Icefrog has been very, very busy.

Here’s the fun stuff.

Credit: Valve Corporation

There’s no need to buy a courier anymore — because each player now gets automatically one at the start of every game. Couriers are now also tied in with your hero’s gold per minute (GPM) gained and level.

When your courier is alive, it provides a passive 85 GPM that replaces the passive 91 GPM mechanic that previously existed. Your hero’s level also improves the courier, as it gains flying movement at level five and receives its Speed Burst ability at level 10 and Courier Shield at level 20.

At level 15, your courier gains the ability to place wards for you too. But if you think that’s crazy, then you better be prepared when you hit level 25 and your courier gets the ability to use items in general — yes, that means you can buy a max-leveled Dagon for your courier to zap enemies with.

The hero level cap has also been raised to level 30, with all talents in your talent tree being unlocked once you max out. Support players would also be happy to know that Observer Wards no longer cost any gold, and that everyone starts with three Town Portal Scrolls. Backpack slots have also been increased from three to four.

Credit: Valve Corporation

The map has also been given an overhaul, as both Ancient camps are now located on the opposite side of the map from Roshan and the Side Shops have been replaced with new building types called Outposts.

Outposts are a new neutral building type located where the Side Shops were previously and will be a new objective for teams to contest, as it grants bonus XP upon being captured at five-minute intervals, as well as providing unobstructed vision and another teleportation point.

The Outposts start inactive for first 10 minutes of the game, after which they can be captured by either team by right-clicking on it.

Credit: Valve Corporation

But perhaps the biggest change of the patch is the introduction of neutral item drops, as the denizens of the jungles can now give a variety of items on top of the usual gold and XP upon being slain.

The neutral drops are unique items that cannot be sold, but can be shared with allies, that start to appear after five minutes. There are five tiers of these items that drop over the course of the game, with each tier becoming droppable once the game reaches a certain amount of minutes. Within each neutral item tier, the odds of one dropping get cut by half for each subsequent drop — with items of a specific type will only drop once for each team.

There are a total of 62 unique neutral items in total. Items from past versions of Dota return as neutral drops, such as Poor Man’s Shield, Iron Talon, Arcane Ring, and the Ring of Aquila. The new introductions range from wacky consumables such as the Mango Tree to absolute game-changers such as the Fallen Sky — which combines the effects of existing items in the Blink Dagger and the Meteor Hammer.

Alongside those major changes are balance tweaks and outright reworks to items, such as Vladimir’s Offering and Helm of the Dominator, and heroes, like Enchantress and Clinkz.

You can check out all of the changes that came with the Outlanders Update for yourself in the patch notes. Be warned though, it’s quite the rabbit hole. Like we said, Icefrog has been very, very busy.

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