Veteran Indonesian squad, BOOM Esports, outclassed Singaporean team Tyrants Uprising, 2-0, to kick off the ONE Esports Dota 2 Jakarta Invitational Indonesia Regional Qualifier.

Game one

Tyrants Uprising opened the series with a strong teamfight composition, with Lim “MAI LA JI TUI BAO” Qian Liang on Troll Warlord, Chang “Challenger” De Wei Darren on Death Prophet, Song “Sylevan” Yong Le on Mars, Lim “Vertigo” Wan Xuan on Phoenix, and Anthony “iaGGer” Koh on Nyx Assassin.

Meanwhile, BOOM ran with a hard-hitting mobile lineup with Randy “Dreamocel” Sapoetra on Juggernaut, Rafli “Mikoto” Rahman on Queen of Pain, Saieful “Fbz” Ilham on Centaur Warrunner, Brizio “Hyde” Putra on Rubick, and Alfi “Khezcute” Nelphyana on Treant Protector.

BOOM got off to a roaring start and dominated the early game to the tune of a 21-7 kill lead and a gold advantage of over 13,000 gold.

Despite having the stronger teamfight composition on paper, BOOM clearly showed that they were the more experienced team, outplaying and outmaneuvering Tyrants Uprising in almost every engagement.

While the Singaporean squad was able to strike back and win a three-for-two trade at BOOM’s bottom tier one tower, BOOM simply dominated the ensuing teamfights to cruise to a 33-minute victory.

Dreamocel notched a game-high 14 kills while Mikoto had 12, with the core duo also combining for 27 assists against only four deaths between them.

Game two

Tyrants Uprising looked to bounce back with a last pick carry Silencer for MAI LA, Puck for Challenger, Necrophos for Sylevan, a support Clockwerk for Vertigo, and Snapfire for iaGGer.

BOOM opted to run another hard-hitting mobile lineup with Dreamocel on a mid Arc Warden, Mikoto on Riki, Fbz on Timbersaw, Hyde on a support Tiny, and Khezcute on Oracle.

Game two looked like a much closer affair compared to the previous one. Tyrants Uprising were able to keep pace with BOOM and even had the upper hand in some fights, but Dreamocel kept finding pickoffs afterwards to deny them any advantages they would have gotten.

In a huge fight in mid lane at the 19-minute mark, Tyrants Uprising looked like they finally won a clean engagement after taking down three BOOM heroes.

However, Dreamocel once again stood his ground, and with some help from Hyde, the two somehow won the two-versus-four fight with Dreamocel scoring a huge Triple Kill to solidify his team’s lead.

Tyrants Uprising showed signs of life after they took down Dreamocel in a three-for-one trade in the bottom lane at the 24-minute mark, but it wasn’t enough to faze BOOM. Despite their best efforts, the Singaporean squad was battered to submission and forced to call GG after 33 minutes.

Dreamocel once again led in kills with 13 in game two, adding 16 assists against only one death, to lead BOOM to an easy series victory. Mikoto had an excellent KDA of his own with 11/3/11.

With their win, BOOM advance to the Upper Bracket Final of the qualifier where they will await the winner of the match between Team Oracle and T1.

Meanwhile, Tyrants Uprising drop to the Lower Bracket where they will take on the loser of the Oracle-T1 match.

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