Evil Geniuses (EG) midlaner, Abed Azel “Abed” Yusop, has made history as the first player to attain a mind-boggling 11,000 matchmaking rating (MMR).

The 19-year old Filipino prodigy made his awesome feat known in a post on his personal Twitter account.

As one of the most talented players in the scene, Abed is no stranger to breaking MMR records in his five-year career. In March 2017, he became the first Filipino player to reach 9,000 MMR. Just three months later, he became the first-ever player to reach 10,000 solo MMR.

Just under two years after becoming the founding member of the 10K MMR club, Abed became the first player to reach 10,000 solo MMR under Valve’s new Medal-based matchmaking system.

With the Dota Pro Circuit still on hold and the competitive Dota 2 scene shifted to online competitions because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, pro players now have more time to play pubs and increase their MMR ratings than ever.

In Abed’s case, the pandemic meant that he could not play with EG in online competitions since the ping from playing on the North American servers from the Philippines would be too much of a handicap.

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