Things just got more challenging as auto-battler title Dota Underlords has added ranked play for its fast-paced game mode Knockout.

Similar to its other game modes, solo and duos, Knockout now gives players a choice between a relaxed casual mode or a more demanding ranked mode.

Do note that the Knockout ranking is independent from the player’s Standard rank, so all players begin from Upstart I.

Other changes have been implemented in the game aside from the usual bug fixes:

  • The Bloodbound-Brute-Mage unit Ogre Magi is now a Draft Tier 2 unit from Tier 1.
  • Bloodseeker’s Bloodrage ability now heals itself if any enemy unit dies adjacent to it.
  • The Demon alliance’s 50% bonus pure damage “now counts all allied demons, both alive and dead, as well as all allied demons summoned”.

Read about all the exciting new changes to Dota Underlords in this detailed patch announcement.

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