Valve’s auto-battler, Dota Underlords, will soon be getting a new game mode called Duos.

Duos will let players team up and play against three other teams throughout the White Spire. The game mode can be played in Casual or Ranked and will be available in the next patch, a week or two from now.

The game will also soon be introducing the titular Underlords, which developer, Adrian Finol, claims will be a “core part of the game.” The Underlords in question are the four powerful individuals — their names are Annesix, Enno, Jull, and Hobgen — battling over control of the White Spire, pictured in all of Dota 2’s key art.

Presumably, you’ll be able to choose an Underlord at the start of each game, and each will have different abilities and perks.

Finol also dropped a brief heads-up about huge UI changes for PC, as well as new heroes and alliances to be added to the game soon.

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