After 22 years, Ash Ketchum is finally a Pokémon master.

In the 139th episode of the animated series Pokémon Sun and Moon, “Birth! The Alola Champion!!” Ash won the Alola region Pokémon League.

The final saw Ash’s team of Melmetal, Dusk-Form Lycanroc, and, of course, Pikachu, defeat Team Skull trainer Gladion’s Silvally, Zoroark, and Midnight-Form Lycanroc.

Fans have already taken to twitter to celebrate Ash’s victory

Even Veronica Taylor, Ash’s original voice actor in the English dub of the anime offered her congratulations.

The Sun and Moon episode ended with the arrival of the mysterious Ultra Beast, Guzzlord.

Official English subtitles for episode 139 havn’t been released yet, but fans can binge-watch past episodes on the Pokémon website.

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