The odds of a rare skin dropping upon case opening in Counter-Strike 2 are predetermined but extremely rare.

If you can’t afford to purchase hundreds of keys before you land your dream cosmetic, you can always rent skins in CS2, thanks to the latest update.

When it comes to pricey virtual items in gaming, CS2 takes the cake. The game has skins that cost as much as a real-life house or a sports car.

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Thankfully, Valve has introduced a new feature to let thrifty players get a taste of fancy skins. 

On May 23, Valve announced that players can rent skins in CS2 by following a few simple steps. While the fee is small, the deal is simply too good to miss.

How does the skin rent feature work in CS2?

Valve now allows players to temporarily lease expensive skins instead of buying them for full price. However, there are a few things players must know before they rent skins in CS2. 

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First off, you still need to open a case in order to rent the skins. The major benefit is that you’ll receive all the case items for the price of a single key.

Knife Stilleto skin in CS2
Screenshot by Fariha Bhatti/ONE Esports

This way, you won’t have to unlock multiple cases to get your dream skin — you’ll get all the contents in one go. However, special items like knives are off the table.

If a case includes gloves, you won’t get those either. For now, only gun skins can be leased.

Rented skins are only available for a week. After seven days of use, all items will disappear from your inventory, along with the case you opened for rent.

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To rent the same skins again, simply repurchase the case and then open it.

It’s also worth noting that rented skins can’t be customized or sold on the Steam marketplace. If you’re looking to stamp a sticker or rename it, you’ll have to purchase the items at full price, as these skins can only be equipped to play.

At the time of writing, only the Kilowatt Case is available for rent. However, Valve may eventually put up more cases for rent.

Kilowatt Case in CS2, including all its items
Screenshot by Fariha Bhatti/ONE Esports

The Killowatt Case includes some highly coveted items, making it worth the key price for seven days of ownership.

Here are all the skins you’ll get for renting the Kilowatt Case in CS2:

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  • Dual Berettas – Shelter
  • MAC-10 – Light Box
  • Nova – Seal of Darkness
  • SSG 08 – Catastrophe
  • Tec-9 – Slag
  • UMP-45 – Engine
  • XM1014 – Irezumi
  • Glock-18 – Block-18
  • M4A4 – Master of Deception
  • Five-SeveN – Hybrid
  • MP7 – Smiley
  • Sawed-Off – Analog Input
  • M4A1-S – Black Lotus
  • Zeus x27 – Olympus
  • USP-S – Grin
  • AWP – Chromed Rifle
  • AK-47 – Legacy

This means you’ll have seven days to enjoy all 17 skins in the Killowatt Case before they are replaced by the default variant.

The condition of the skins mentioned above will be decided randomly, similar to how it is when you unlock a case. 

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How to rent skins in CS2

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to rent skins in CS2:

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  • Firstly, go to the Steam marketplace and buy a Kilowatt Case at around $1.20. Prices may fluctuate based on demand. If you’re a regular player, you may already have it in your inventory. 
  • Purchase a key to open the Kilowatt Case. A single case key costs $2.50. 
  • Activate the key.
  • At this point, the game will offer you two options: “Open Case” or “Open for Rent.” Choose “Open for Rent.”

After doing the procedure, all 17 skins will be deposited into your account for seven days. You may use them, record highlight-worthy plays, and flex on your teammates.

The skins will automatically disappear from your inventory after the rent duration.

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Of course, if you enjoy them too much, you can purchase the ones you like the most from the Steam marketplace.

Since the introduction of the rent feature, a staggering 100,000 boxes of Killowatt Cases have been sold. Not only that, but the prices of the items within the case have also seen a slight decrease.

It’s clear that this new feature will have a substantial impact on the skin market and the community that is constantly seeking the rarest, most coveted skins in CS2.

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