The 96th card for Supercell‘s free-to-play strategy mobile game Clash Royale has finally been revealed, and she will be the Battle Healer.

Basically, the Battle Healer is an angel in armor who heals herself when outside of combat. She also restores a little bit of HP to friendly troops whenever she is attacking by emitting a healing aura. In other words, this angel acts as both a support and a tank unit at the same time.

Supercell game designer Seth Allison even gave a fair warning to players to not underestimate this sweet-looking unit.

“Even just putting down Skeletons or Goblins can go a long way to adding damage onto her and taking her down, but if you ignore her, she’s gonna do more damage to your tower than even a Knight would,” said Allison.

This newest Royale card is a Rare unit and costs four elixir.

Players can start using the Battle Healer immediately after unlocking her. She will go live on the game servers on December 2, the official start of Clash Royale Season 6.

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