The Fallout Vault Dwellers event arrives in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone as a part of the Season 4 update. As is tradition, the event challenges across Multiplayer, Zombies, and Call of Duty: Warzone which players can complete to earn an array of free rewards.

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With that said, here’s everything you need to know about the MW3 Fallout Vault Dwellers event.

All challenges and rewards in the MW3 Fallout Vault Dwellers event

MW3 Fallout Vault Dwellers event
Screenshot by Tarun Sayal/ONE Esports

The Fallout Vault Dwellers kicked off on June 20 in MW3 and Warzone and the primary objective of the players is to earn a certain amount of XP to unlock the tier rewards. To be more specific, there are a total of ten rewards up for grabs and here’s a list for the same:

  • 10,000 XP – Slocum’s Joe Weapon Sticker
  • 20,500 XP – Double XP Token
  • 37,200 XP – New California Republic Large Decal
  • 55,000 XP – Double Weapon XP Token
  • 78,000 XP – Nuka-Cola Charm
  • 105,000 XP – Tier Skip
  • 140,000 XP – Nuka-Cola Caps Emblem
  • 180,500 XP – Everyone Disliked That Calling Card
  • 200,000 XP – Double Battle Pass XP Token
  • 225,000 XP – Nuka-Cola Quantum
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As you might have noticed, the Nuka-Cola Quantum blueprint is the event’s final reward, requiring you to earn a whopping 225,000 XP. Thankfully, you can earn XP in almost all the gameplay modes whether it is Warzone battle royale or MW3 Zombies/ multiplayer.

In the official announcement, Activision has also confirmed that you can use any of the Vault Dweller Skins during the Vault Dwellers Event for an additional XP boost. We also strongly suggest using your remaining Double XP tokens to unlock all the rewards before the deadline.

Finally, it’s important to note that the Fallout Vault Dwellers is a four-week-long event, so make sure to complete all the challenges before the event ends.

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