Updated on April 19, 4:33 p.m. (GMT+8): Added prestige ranks in Season 2 and 3.

In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, the prestige system allows players to go for achievements beyond the level 55 limit.

Here’s everything you need to know about how prestiging works in the game.

How does the MW3 prestige system work

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Players in MW3 have plenty to work towards when it comes to leveling with all of the different weapons along with their account level.

These levels and achievements are unlocked through plenty of paths ranging from kills, objectives, and more.

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One big difference between the MW3 prestige system and the previous ones is that it won’t be completely reset when it comes to your weapons and unlocks. You’ll just move into the next prestige.

Players can level up to 55, the max level in Modern Warfare 3, before choosing to prestige.

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Once you’ve prestige, you’ll move into the next prestige tier that is opened up during that season or any rank you haven’t reached.

Here are all the prestige ranks as of Season 3:

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  • Prestige 1: Level 56 to 99
  • Prestige 2: Level 100 to 149
  • Prestige 3: Level 150 to 199
  • Prestige 4: Level 200 to 249
  • Prestige 5: Level 250 to 299
  • Prestige 6: Level 300 to 349
  • Prestige 7: Level 350 to 399
  • Prestige 8: Level 400 to 449
  • Prestige 9: Level 450 to 499
  • Prestige 10: Level 500 to 549
  • Prestige 11: Level 550 to 599
  • Prestige 12: Level 600 to 649
  • Prestige 13: Level 650 up to level cap until end of Season 3

Each one comes with a unique prestige icon that you can show off to share your accomplishments with everyone you come across

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