The slide cancel is an advanced movement technique that separates good players from great ones in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone.

In this article, we share how to slide cancel in MW3, providing with you with a step-by-step guide to perform this effective maneuver.

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Here’s how to slide cancel in MW3 and WZ to outplay your foes

The slide cancel allows you to transition smoothly between sprinting, sliding, and jumping, making you a harder target to hit.

Here’s how to incorporate this movement technique into your gameplay:

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  1. Start by building up momentum using tactical sprint.
  2. Hit the crouch button (twice in some cases, depending on your settings) to trigger a slide.
  3. As soon as you enter the slide animation, press the jump button to interrupt it. This will bring you out of the slide quickly and allow you to aim down sights (ADS) almost instantly.

The key is to hit the jump button right at the beginning of the slide animation so you can perform a quick, fluid motion.

To start practicing this tactic, head into a private match with bots to get the hang of the button sequence.

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Once you’re comfortable with the slide cancel itself, practice aiming down sights (ADS) immediately after the jump. This will allow you to engage enemies right after the slide.

Mastering the slide cancel takes time and dedication, but it’s a valuable skill that can significantly enhance your movement and combat effectiveness in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone.

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