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Each week, Activision releases a new set of Weekly Challenges in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone for players to complete to earn various items like new Aftermarket Parts.

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Typically, players only need to complete any five of these challenges, regardless of whether they are on Multiplayer, Modern Warfare Zombies, or Warzone.

In this guide, we share the fastest way to complete enough challenges to earn the weekly reward.

Weekly Challenges in Modern Warfare 3, Zombies, and Warzone

Where to check weekly challenges and progress

Accessing MW3 Weekly Challenges
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To check Weekly Challenges and progress you’ve made so far in completing them, simply navigate to the Launcher Menu and select “Challenges”.

Then select “Weekly” and choose the week you want to view on the tabs at the top of the menu.

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Here, you can then view all weekly challenges for each game mode.

How to complete MW3 Weekly Challenges easily

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Considering that most challenges in Multiplayer require players to perform operator kills in a specific way, we have found that the quickest way to unlock weekly rewards is to complete five challenges in Multiplayer, specifically in the Hardcore playlists.

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In Hardcore, players’ health is significantly reduced, which means that it often only takes one or two shots from any weapon to achieve an operator kill.

This also means that shotguns are more effective at taking out targets at longer ranges, which helps with challenges that require shotgun operator kills like we saw in Week 2 of Season 3.

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Make sure that you filter the game mode selection to HC Small Map Mosh Pit to ensure that you have a target rich environment in small maps from the moment you start each game.

It should be noted, however, this also means that you are also just as vulnerable to damage. Therefore, you might find yourself dying more than you can kill.

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If you are struggling with this, we recommend that you complete Weekly Challenges in the Modern Warfare Zombies mode, which is slower paced and not against actual players.

It will take a little longer to complete challenges here but it can be a less frustrating experience.

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