Kim”HAK” Do-Yeop, a South Korean mid laner, has returned to the AOV scene by joining Talon Esports with the goal of playing internationally.

Talon Esports is currently participating in the RoV Pro League 2020 Summer and has created a buzz this mid-season that began with the release of Ting-Jui “Winds” Chen, leaving the rest of the team in shock.

HAK spoke about returning to play in the Thai Pro League again, “I am very happy to have the opportunity to come back to play in the Thai league again. My goal this time is to play in an international tournament. With these team members in Talon Esports, I am confident. “

Talon Esports is currently ranked fourth on the table. They have only played five matches as the rest of their games have been postponed due to HAK being required to self-quarantine.

He flew in from South Korea where there is a recent surge of Covid-19 cases.

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