Bazaar Gaming jungler Supawit “DCB” Dangurai strongly believes that the lack of gaming experience is not a problem for young professional players.

“If I’m going to be asked if being a newcomer to the team would be a problem, I would say no. The other teams may be way ahead when it comes to experience, but I will show everyone in this tournament that little experience is not a problem,” the 16-year old DCB told ONE Esports.

“I am so excited to play against foreign teams and emerge as the top team. Being a part of the 2020 Arena of Valor Premier League includes a lot of pressure because we have to meet with leading competitors outside of the country.”

Additionally, DCB named Taiwan’s Mad Team as the squad that he wants to face in APL.

“Personally, I’d like to meet Mad Team. Bazaar Gaming has practiced with Mad quite often before the tournament began.”

DCB also said that he is eager to use the carry hero Laville during the 2020 APL.

“Laville’s kit has two important abilities — he can crowd control everything and with the use of his Mighty Shield he can temporarily become immune to enemy ability attacks while also gaining movement speed.”

Follow and support Bazaar Gaming at the 2020 Arena of Valor Premier League. The tournament’s group stage will run until July 12, while the playoffs will be held from July 18 to July 26.

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