TSM has won the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational in Krakow, Poland, besting 79 of the world’s best teams in the first-ever international championships officially organized by Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment.

The two-day tournament used a scoring system awarding points for kills and final placement. For the final day of play, the top 20 teams competed against each other, with the first team to rack up 50 points and then win a game taking home first place.

In the 11th game of the day, with 10 teams at tournament point, TSM’s trio of Philip “ImperialHal” Dosen, Mac “Albralelie” Beckwith, and Jordan “Reps” Wolfe Dosen, managed to win the game to secure victory.

For their first-place finish, TSM took home US$105,000. Natus Vincere finished in second-place and won US$75,000. This is TSM’s second Apex Legends tournament win, after the EXP Invitational at ESPN’s X-Games.

Here’s how the final day played out:

Game one

Fans quickly got behind the underdog squad of Team 789, an unsigned Russian lineup that won the first game of the final, thanks to some heroic plays by Elvira “Esdesu” Terimova, who saved her team from early elimination.

Game two

Penta managed to clutch out the second game by dominating the final zone at Armory where they defeated both Succubus and Na’Vi.

Game three

Na’Vi got their first win of the day by defeating Team 789 in the final skirmish.

Game four

During game four, G2 defeated Wyvern in the closing moments. Meanwhile, NaVi was taken out early and failed to score a single point, which would have put them at tournament point.

Game five

G2 also won game five, and Penta and Na’Vi also scored enough points to pass the 50 point threshold, putting all three teams just one win away from winning the tournament.

Game six

TSM took game six and also surpassed the 50 point threshold along with Team 789, putting five teams at tournament point.

Game seven

Wyvern won game seven, which put them over the 50 point threshold, along with Rogue who earned enough kills to also reach tournament point.

Game eight

The next game came down to a 1v1 showdown with TSM on the verge of winning the entire tournament, but ImperialHal was taken down by Romain “wSerious” Dittmann from Gamers Origin. With the win, Gamers Origin also reached tournament point, putting eight teams at tournament point.

Game nine

MVP, the team in last place in the standings, managed to shock everyone by winning game nine, denying G2 the tournament win in the final skirmish. Gambit Esports scored enough kills to join the eight other teams at tournament point.

Game 10

Sentinels manage to prolong the tournament by winning game 10 and putting themselves at tournament point.

Game 11

With half the teams playing now at tournament point, game 11 was a nailbiter, but TSM prevailed in the end, defeating both Gamers Origin and MVP in the final skirmish to take home the gold.

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